How to find your calm in the chaos?

How to find your calm in the chaos?

I’m sure you’ve all had moments before where you felt overwhelmed by the chaos around you.

You know, those busy days, having to do a million things at once and not feeling like you’ve done any of them…

Well, what if i told you that by 1 simple adjustment you can gain some calm to your chaos again?

1 act of complete mindfulness

This will save you from the chaos and bring you back to center allowing you to become master of your day again.

Here’s what you need to do:

So, we have a lot TO DO things in a day and for you to master the chaos again i will be asking you to pick 1 task or 1 act (pick an easy tast/act). This can be filling your dishwasher, making tea/coffee, taking out the garbage,… You can make your pick.

Now, before you do this task/act you can set the vibe with some easy listening music (some Lofi chill music is my preference, just to inspire).

Put your phone aside during the entire task/act (you want to destress remember), phone’s away. Place your full attention to what you are doing in this act.

Example: making yourself coffee

Prepare your coffee how you normally do, only difference now will be that you become aware of every tiny step it takes you to make yourself coffee.

From taking your favorite cup, to putting the coffee in the machine, smelling the coffee, maybe feeling the texture of the coffee, to seeing the coffee running in your cup. Noticing how it smells when it’s heated up. Being aware what the smell of fresh coffee does to your body.

Become concious when you want to take your first sip of that fresh coffee, smell it again, be grateful for this moment. The moment when you chose to center yourself again. You got this!

Ask yourself these questions after your first act:

Now, did you miss your phone?

Did you find some peace instead?

Did it take a long time?

How do you feel after this 1 mindful act?

Are you doing this again when you feel overwhelmed?

I wish you so much calm to the chaos and above all the courage to create these little moments for yourself.

Love & smiles,

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